Name: Aladdin "Allan"

Age: 12 years

Allan is a young blind girl who lives alone on the streets.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A year ago, Aladdin found that she could see again on certain terms. Her power allowed her to see through the eyes of others through physical contact with them. Along with sight, she gained the ability to share their hearing, taste, feeling, and smell: all of the five sense. The power loses affect when physical contact is lost, however, though it not be as strong, she could keep the connection for far distances so long that she had a taste of their blood.


As Al's powers surfaced, she used it as her own source of bank. By using the senses of people who she's connected to all around the city, Aladdin started her own tracking business to find whatever someone needs for very small prices. Commonly, she searches for rare trading cards, reconds, and other collectible items, sometimes other things, though she enjoys tracking people like it's an actual sport.